Blair Anderson

Blair Anderson

Dogs have been part of Blair Anderson's life for more than fifty years. He has trained hundreds of dogs and have a passion for how policy plays its part in enabling 'the naked dog' to become our ultimate companion.

Natalie Perzylo

Natalie Perzylo

Natalie Perzylo is pictured with her first dog Holmes. She is a trained teacher and understands about behaviour modification. She studied dog behaviour at Massey University, and Ara (CPIT)

Max, spoodle

Max- the welcoming mutt

Max, the Springer Spaniel/Poodle lives with the team and welcomes every dog with his distinct wag. He teaches the rules of the house to those coming to live with him in the short term.


Other Teamsters

Our mentors have played a big part in guiding us to become better trainers and behaviouralist. Some are: John Rogerson, Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Victoria Stillwell, Stanley Coren....

Our continuing education

Both trainers attend NZ and overseas conference, seminars, and workshops. 


  • Hosted John Rogerson, April 2015. John and his training partner Miya (from China) stayed a month in Christchurch, and gave New Zealand the 1st CSI Survivor Camp, Ultimate Recall, Clean Boot Tracking, Seminar on Aggression, and the last seminar on how to 'create' a great dog, called Angels and Demons - See Facebook - John Rogerson NZ Tour
  • Hosted Edie Jane in April 2009. Organised the TTouch workshop in Christchurch.


  • Attended APDT (The Association of Pet Dog Trainers) (in the USA and NZ) in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 
    San Diego in 2011, Atlanta, Georgia 2010-- these conferences in the USA are 5 days!
  • Attended the NZ Animal Companion Animal Conference in September 2016
  • Attended the NZ Animal Companion Animal Conference in October 2012 in Wellington. We hosted Dr Lisa Woods who spoke about the urban environment.


  • Attend a seminar of K9 Nose Work Seminar (2014) with Jill-Marie O'Brien
  • Attended Terry Ryan Seminar in 2013 in Wellington which was part of the NZKC educational opportunities.
  • Attended a TTouch Workshop in Quebec, October 2010 
  • Attended a two day workshop on TTouch (Tellington Touch) in Dunedin 2009
  • Attended 5 days of Dr Ian Dunbar's Seminar both in Auckland and Christchurch
  • Attend workshop 2009 with Jan Fennell- The Dog Listener


  • Trained with John Rogerson, UK world reknown dog trainer and author of the book The Dog Vinci Code. in India January and February 2012. John provided us with even a better understanding on how we can harness our dog's natural abilities to get our canine friends to be our natural companion animals. 
  • Natalie received her National Certificate in Dog Training from CPIT 2001
  • Certificate from Massey Principle of Canine Behaviour 2001
  • Teaching Degree, Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada



  • Members of the NZ Animal Companion Animal 
  • Past and present Members of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)
  • Past members of the Doggone Safe Doggone Bite Prevention International Organisation 
  • Past member of CCATS (Chch Canine Agility Training Society) in Christchurch 2002.
  • Past member of NZKC